Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It was a good one... nice turnout too. I had a great time.

Most of the developmentally disabled "kids" who attended these dances reside in group homes. And the majority of group homes suck. The managers offer low pay to mostly unmotivated, under qualified personnel. I mean, who else would want the job?

So, I feel bad that the residents can't receive the quality of life that they deserve. Often times the parents, in all fairness would have to give up their entire lifestyle to take care of their special needs child. And many parents, due to advanced age, or other life circumstances, have no choice but send them to group homes.

It's the one sad fact about being in this field. But fortunately, the developmentally disabled who are under my direct care do have parents who's child lives at home with them. They are able deal with the daily strain of attending to their children and their many needs.

I don't even know what my job title is: 'support worker', maybe? And I wear a lot of different hats. Besides my year-round counselor/sports coach job at a therapeutic recreation facility, I attend dances and other special events.

Can I see myself ever giving this up for a different, more financially lucrative career? Hell no!



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