Monday, October 26, 2009

Here's the thing... I never went to a high school dance. One reason for that was, I was expelled from school for good at age-16 for repeatedly defending myself against bullies. Hell of a reason, huh? In all fairness though, I never did homework or classwork either. Why? Because I hated school.

To me, school was a day prison; to be attended only because it's against the law not to. And the cops will pick you up for got going. School was not a place where I'd want to stay late in order to play for their varsity sports teams or to learn social skills by attending proms and whatnot.

So, how ironic is it that I, at age 52, can't wait to attend tonight's Halloween dance? This is no high school dance... it's way better. It's the annual Elks Club sponsored Halloween dance for adults with developmental disabilities. And I am a full time counselor/sports coach/mentor for special needs children and adults.

I've been in this field for five-years now and dances are held twice a month my area. I don't attend these things just to sit around and watch the collect collect a paycheck and go home. Nooooo! I go there to dance my ass off right along with them! And the grand daddy of all dances is right around the corner. It's the annual big semi-formal dance coming up in November. And I can't wait! Whodah' thunk?



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